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Guts And Glory

Ya know, its OK, maybe, just maybe, my glory days are past, better for me to just play safe. Its been pointed out to me, its hard sometimes, connecting all my points, I guess, where I’m coming from…, where I’m trying to get too, well, this is just a dusty old dirt road I’m traveling down, going from one point to another, lots of bumps and gully’s, lots of rocks and curves! I suspect, from time to time, I’ll get bruised. When I get there, just as long as I get there, I’m good, I took off once, headed for Taos, about an 800 mile drive from LA, 1600 miles later, I was there. There’s those 8’s again, I have favor for the number 8, another great adventure for me, I wrote some about this time, sometime back on this yeeha site, about George and me meeting up with Johnson Jon, more than just the start of another chapter in my life, more like the beginning of another piece of my elergy. I’m feeling good today about what I’m seeing now on the metals charts, I’m feeling like I’m off on another great adventure! The ratio seems to be moving sideways now, ya know, I guess this just goes to show, its always a lot more better, moving with your gut! I don’t think I can say enough that’s good about Aurum Advisors, Stewart my broker, I’m sure is one heck of a salesman, he’s never tried to sell me nothing. I cold called him back in the beginning of February, pulled his number off the web, we talked about a half hour, I was clear from the start with him, I wasn’t ready to buy, that I just wanted a free education. So I guess this is turning into some sort of testimonial here, ya know, its OK, these guys at Aurum deserve it, Stewart was generous, he took some time, took me to school, ya know, I don’t think he thought he’d ever hear from me again, a couple days later I was calling back, told him I was ready to buy, whoop tee doo, ring the bell, another golden eagle sold! You always want to be leaving the party while your still having fun, this silver over these last few months has had one hell of a run, lots of people bought up this shiny stuff, gonna set it up on some back shelf, have it sitting, collecting dust, myself, I figured this all out early on, that at any price, this metal was worthless, if I couldn’t make it move! I wouldn’t be surprised, seeing silver moving up $3-$5 a day, at some point over these next few days, ya know, I wont be surprised if I don’t, I see it as a toss of a coin! Its no coin toss, being on the right side of this gold silver ratio though, my buddy in Vegas warned me about getting caught out on the wrong side, ya know…, duh, seems to me, here your choice is pretty clear. So I just want you to know, out here on the reservation there are no road signs, ya just find your way, asking people you see sitting off on the side of the road, along the way, people waiting for a ride, waiting for someone to stop, waiting for someone who is going their way. Now, no different than traveling those dirt roads, at times, from time, what I write here may seem a little misdirected, like I’m lost or something, not to worry, I’ll get there, I made it to Taos didn’t I!

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