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Great Balls On Fire

How long was Middle America expected to keep swallowing the lie, land of opportunity, yea right, not no more! Today’s opportunities belong to just a chosen few! The banks get a hand out, wait, hold on a minute, I’m just gonna take a deep breath here, acceptance, I’ll be seeing Great Balls On Fire soon, darn I really need to get away! Most all the Muslims hate the Jews, got the Jews hating Christians, Muslims, and all those African Methodist’s too, seems no one says much about Buddha, oh, by the way, today, October 12th, the Autumn Full Moon, this marks the end of Buddhist Lent! Its all good, so what if I ramble on and on, sometimes never making much sense, can you sense I really need to get away? I read a piece, an interview with Robert Baer, he was saying about Mid October, that we’d be going back to war, October 13, 1307, a Friday, the unluckiest day on earth, October 13, 2010, now that was one amazing day! I think I’ll plan a trip to Nong KhaI, go to see the Naga Fireballs, Great Balls On Fire, rising up, out from the Mekong River, some the size of basket balls, some rising 100 meters then vanishing beneath the light of the silver moon. Sorry…,sometimes I just can’t help myself, you know, had to do it, just had to work silver somewhere into this post. Ya know, just to let you know, I got a fifth of Powers sitting with me here, “THREE SWALLOW”, anyhow, what about those Mormons, I’ve known some Mormons in my time, they sure seemed like good people to me! Sure seems we need a savior now, I wonder will there be a hero for our time , who’s out there, who’s gonna step up to save our day’s? Somehow I don’t think we’ve seen him yet, but I know the line is getting drawn, hippies…?, the grease is going on, the wheels of justice are starting to roll, they’re going after stoners now again, guess that’s making sense, ya know history repeats its self every hundred years or so, I watched Ken Burns piece on prohibition this past weekend!

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    October 20, 2011 @ 12:11 am

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