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Got My Shovel A While Back

I’ve been ready, so where the hell did my job go, I know, I heard, over 600 billion dollars from QE2, the very money that was to free up lending by the banks in Our Country, instead was fed to European Banks bailing them out! The story broke last weekend, since then, not much traction to this, basically ignored by big media, they’ve got bigger fish, you know, there’s that Pervert Congressman, “You Tell The Boys I Said Live Free Or Die. That Death Is Not The Worst Of Evil.”, where the hell did that come from?, oh haven’t you heard?, I moving on!, more on things in the world, in Our Country most might not know! THOMAS JAMES BALL set himself aflame before the door of the Cheshire County Court House, June 16, 2011! Ya know, I won’t go too much farther with this, pretty extreme, sad, I remember the shock, seeing that Monk burning on the street in Saigon, ya know people started waking up back then! Uh Oh, a little brain shower just blew through my brain, after this Arab Spring, anyone up for another Summer of Love?!!! When Obama spoke about Shovel Ready jobs, I had no idea he was talking Jobs for Bankers, $600 billion to shovel, to dig out the European Banks, what was I thinking, you know, I could almost swear I heard him say, that money was for us, for getting us all back working again, to get some liquidity back into the system, to get money flowing again, back through our hands. I know nothing about where you live, in my neighborhood, in my town, its become uncomfortably violent, a couple shotgun murders, one guy lost his head, people are desperate here, a lot of people running around out there just downright mad, the man that burned talked about the second book, that we had the Constitution, our Bill of Rights, but its all overridden by the volumes, page after page of policy ,procedure, and official protocols. All right, I know, a pretty disjointed post I got going here, I’ll just keep going on, I read the rules on insider trading don’t apply to Congress, please God don’t let me go off, but don’t ya think it oughta change!!!?, it must be nice???! Ya know I wonder why no charges have been filed on the Wall Street higher up’s, then again I don’t, I begin wondering why no charges have been filed on the higher up’s at the SEC, do you remember, that bunch caught watching porn all day, I guess this all is covered in the second book. So where the hell is Owsley at, anyway, on the news I saw a report on Magic Mushrooms, said they had some real benefits, something I always knew, let me say once more “Summer Of Love II”, I wonder if Telluride still throws a Mushroom Festival…

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