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Give Me A Break

I’ve got it pretty good, don’t be confused by any sense you have of me whining, its just my bleeding heart. I guess you’d just see a crusty old man, looking at me, I’d have to say out of 58 years, 56 have been great. I think what really bothers me is a sense of my generation letting the next generation down. My mother would stop to pick up pennies off the street, she never forgot, she’d tell me never again, not in her lifetime, I’m sorta glad she’s not around to see this mess, thanks Mom, you always told me the truth! At my Union Meetings, guess I got your attention now, now you see the problem, them damn Unions, I know, that’s what’s tearing this Country down. Give me a break, here’s the thing, there is an unnecessary divide between the Union’s and Non’s, hell, we’re all Labor, its all the same, all that changes is our ideology’s, the Democrats and the Republicans, that’s just more of the same, I know, I’m all over the place with this post, I’ll get back to my Union Meetings in a bit, an Honest Two Party Political System would be a Corporate Party, with Republican and Democratic Sub Divisions, and a Labor Party with Non Union and Union Sub Divisions. Power To The People, We The People, that’s what this Country’s all about, we forgot, absolute power, corrupts absolutely. Follow the money, where is it all going, bail outs for all the too big to fail’s, what about that young man with a wife and a couple young kids that I see at my union meetings, out of work for over a year, good to go, desperate, mouths to feed, ya know, I know I got it pretty good, but why ain’t no one giving that young man a break? The beautiful thing about my trade, why it was such a perfect match for me, I could always grab my tools and go to work anywhere, if the big work was slow, I could always pick up something, walking up on small remodel that could always get me by. I cruised down into Hancock Park the other day, a rich neighborhood, the Mayors Neighborhood, someone’s always got something going on in those neighborhoods, I hit about a dozen projects, got nothing, sad to say couldn’t even find anyone who spoke english, or at least they didn’t let me know they could. OK, if your getting all excited now, thinking I’m going off on some bitter anti immigrant rant, relax, in my Union, out on the job, My Brothers and me, don’t always speak the same language, we work shoulder to shoulder, we all got skills, and that’s our common ground. Alright, time to come clean, I did everything wrong, never made it past the ninth grade, really, I know still, I got it pretty good, what about all those with degree’s, those degree’s that came with a promise implied, finding themselves curb side, ya know, they did everything right. I think what’s going on now is the end game, it seems they’re breaking it all down, maybe this is only the reality, the only way to fix this mess, I think its important making sure in the end we get it out of their hands, don’t forget we just tried doing that with all the Big Shots of the Too Big To Fail’s, now you see what we got! Maybe just let em break it down, then we dumb it down, ain’t saying nothing now about lawyers here, just saying it might be time for some simpler minds.

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