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From Fargo To Ants Then Back To Ants Again

Sitting here, Sunday Morning, watching Fargo, reading a book, I’ve seen this movie many times, the only other movie I’ve loved throughout the years was Woodie Allen’s “Ants!” I’ve been doing battle with ants all week, this week at home, ya know, I’ve never had this problem here before, seems a bit strange, a little unnatural, up here on the second floor and all. “Sacrifice. To some it is just a word. To others it is a code. A good soldier knows that the life of an individual ant doesn’t matter. What matters is the colony. Soldiers work for the colony, fight for the colony, die for the colony.”
Seeing Ants a second time, I wondered how they got this stuff out, how they pushed it through, a pretty honest view of our society today. It always was to be about the colony, what was good for the colony, our colonies, the original 13, right now, I think what we’ve got is a real Jehovah Witiness moment going, you know, 144,000 gonna get saved, every one of them thinking they’re one of them, figure it out, as things stand now, just do some math, no hope now for the common working man! Something’s wrong when a man driving over twice the legal speed limit, with two times the legal limit of Alcohol in his blood, leaves the road, goes airborne into a tree and burns, two days coverage on network news, no news here! A man in New Hampshire, distraught, sees no way out but to burn himself on the County Courthouse steps in protest, I’ve not seen one mention of this American Tragedy. Is a dream a lie that don’t come true or is it something worse, I’m sitting here listening to some Bruce, wanting to hear the big mans horn once more, ya know I heard this line, ya know, It Is Something Worse! So, what about some of that change, how about breaking away from this one party political machine, Democrat, Republican, it really don’t matter which, its all about corporate anyhow now, shovel ready jobs, yea right, the only reason they had us all get shovels, was to have us ready when the time comes to dig our own graves! We’re not getting any help out here anytime soon, sorta like now we’re playing with a stacked deck, that Supreme Court ruling allowing corporate contributions to election committees seems to be the final nail in Middle America’s Casket. We the people need to take note of where the lines are drawn, stand on labors side, realize Union, Non Union, that there’s no divide, in the workers certainly differences in ideology, hell, idelogy’s what separates the Democrats and Republicans too. I look around California, our assets are being sold to the private sector, across the pond this is happening in a much bigger way. Free trade, in no way free to the unemployed, here at home its what’s cost us every day, cheap chinese toilet paper my ass! So, what about that dream, remember, about leaving this place a better place for our children, can any of you see how any of what we got going on now can give us some of that??? I still don’t understand why we even had to save this Bankster Bunch, these crooks still working, still pillaging Wall Street, I’ll never understand how no one was there to save Thomas James Ball! I dare anyone trying to put lipstick on this pig!!! The very people who should be afforded our protection, just keep getting beaten down, as soon as everyone figures out their not one of the 144,000 holding reservations, will they stand against the ones that do? Unemployment Insurance, such a disaster this 99 weeks of benefits has been, I’m about at the end of my run, about at the end of my rope too, as I see it now, nothing more than the indoctrination of a large segment of the American Middle Class into a life of nothing. There could have been a better plan, all these guys on top, the Congress, our President, knew how bad it really was, how really bad it was doomed to get, a real waste of our most precious natural resource, America’s Manpower, if there ever were a time for public works, seems like just another wasted opportunity seized So, wondering if I’m sounding a bit disjointed, ya know, all over the map and all, starting out talking about books and movies, but ya know, I just wander a lot anymore, I wonder why so many bleeding hearts line up defending a Corpocracy, defending corporate rights over Human Rights. I’m trying to find a copy of Woodie Allen’s “Ants”, as I remember it, sort of a crystal ball view of today.

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