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Frogs!!! (i forgot!)

Maybe frogs would have been a better choice, for a post talking about Jim, still a pretty nice thought, you know, hopping around, swimming through the surface scum on lakes and ponds, jumping through the Memphis Mud, all caught up in moving through another cycle of life. Maybe when we die, we can all turn into frogs! I think, jim would think, it would be nice, to go away that way Dickinson knew frogs, I remember, he had quite a collection, Dickinson had his heros too, as he played and sang songs from Dixie Fried, I believe the tune he played was Casey Jones, Mary commented on his guitar work, how well he was playing. Jim was beside himself, he knew, Mary knew, something about guitar playing, Jim starts spewing off, about Mary’s brother Mark, this was the first I heard of him. Jim said, this guy, was into three things, motorcycles, weapons, and guitars, not in that order, in any order, Jim described his guitar playing style, something akin to Django Reinhardt, with two extra fingers. Jim had all the stories of Mark growing up in Memphis, it was in his eyes, the sparkle, the flash from his eyes, that told you, he held Butch up high on a pedestal. Jim called him Butch, he spoke of the talent, he spoke of him in terms of some musical savant, that he always played alone, I guess what you’d call a guitar virtuoso. So anyhow, a lot of Dickinson, was about the story telling, probably he had more stories than frogs, I’ll tell ya, the stories he told about Mark, his guitar playing skills, weren’t no stories, I saw this man work a few years later, and I’d never seen, or better yet, heard anything like that before, or again I never thought a guitar could do that, I became convinced a Les Paul Recording Guitar would straighten out my work!
I won’t go on and on about Mark Unobsky, myself, I shut myself off anymore, inside of my darkroom, I figured it out, I put my guitars away! A long time ago!!! if you read part 3 of John Cipollina in the 70’s, he talks a little about this guy Mark, this is a very interesting man, what they write about him in this piece is everything, Jim ever said about him, everything I saw that night, seeing him work. He came down to LA with Pete Sears from San Francisco, these guys plugged in, and just as it is written in the piece I’ve directed you too, “away he went” (“they”)
Hold onto that thought
“Away He Went”
I just wanted to say it was really nice seeing them throwing a little love to Jim Dickinson last night on The Grammies!!!

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  1. Lynn

    Nice ED……I remember you playing the House of the Rising Sun….over and over again LOL

    Posted on 02-Feb-10 at 6:23 pm | Permalink

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