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Feast Of The Drunken Dragon

Well another of the great festivals of Spring has come and gone, celebrated on the streets of Macau, the legend is of a serpent slain on the shore of the river, sliced into. three sections by a drunken Monk, then rising up unto the heavens, an omen. Three sections, thrown back into the river, the water is turned to red, there may be a metaphor somewhere here, the people had suffered from a plague. What grew out from the reeds, nourished by the red river water, stained by blood from the python was what cured their plague. Today, Macau, the most densely populated city on earth, as well as being the region of the world where people live the longest lives. Next year will be Year Of The Dragon, I know by then, things will be better for me, maybe I’ll attend. You can all grab hold of your Chinese Calendars, start marking them up, that’s the Eighth Day, of the Forth Moon. So, is anyone keeping score, is what we’re getting, worth all we’re loosing, is what we’re getting, the price for what we’ve done? So I’m gonna talk about my cat, I was thinking last night, I’m gonna go with a more upbeat theme to my posts, and you know, I live with the greatest cat. She’s busy, she’s not fixed, it seems all the males in this neighborhood, are either gay, or clipped, back in Philly, she’d go into heat, fat head males be throwing themselves into my windows from all angels! You know there are some good things beginning to happen out here, people are speaking up, it got vocal Friday, in the LA Council Chambers, there was a powerful voice that whispered! United We Stand, Divided We Fall, pay attention, it already is our government, what We The People, need to do, is take back our country. Summers, heading off to Longport with my family, we’d take the Bridgeport Ferry across the Delaware. I remember rainbow river water, all the color left behind shimmering in the wake as we crossed, I remember it fascinated me, it was a dead river. Today, I don’t know if I’d eat any fish coming out of that river, but I know people do, a tough job, cleaning that habitat up. I guess they’ll need to burn the swamps down South, fire can clean a lot of stuff up, I hope the scent of smoke will warn wildlife, act to clear out large areas poisoned by the spill. I have not been a fan of that Governor from Louisiana, today, I like him, just block that mess from coming in he’d said. Permits to dredge, had been pending from the beginning of this disaster, that the State would now proceed, on their own, to protect the wetlands. Save the Swamps, untold, forever unknown the loss to sea life as result of this “accident”, at the very least, save the cradle of life for the Gulf! I think, build the burm’s behind the pollution penetrating the Bijou, then keep burning what keeps piling up in front. What grows out from these burning swamps will cure the plague that’s settled in across our land, never again. We’ll clean that mess up in the gulf, we’ll clean up the rest of the messes in our country, for working people to get their fair share of the pie we need to keep together, let’s face it, all these fat cats parading through the halls of Congress all hang out in Abu Dhabi, you’ve heard about that place, a playground for the very rich. These people we see testifying before congress, cocky corporate conspirators, not a one gives a damn about this country, nothing more than their money machine, Our Country!

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    You gave great points here. I did some research on the subject and have found nearly all people.

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