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Do Good Stuff-Good Stuff Happens

On my way, on my bike, going up to the gym this morning, I passed this Old Hollywood Curb Dog. Sitting on a bus bench, all alone, gathering himself, fiddling with what few possessions he had left, he saw me peddling up the sidewalk. As I flew by him, he barked, asked me for a cigarette, I said I had none, I lied! I remembered a conversation I had the day before, with a good friend, we had been talking about honesty. Seems that lesson’s, long in learning, its late in life, when most of us finley get it, understand how simple things can be, when approaching ones life honestly, we were talking about a guy we both knew from Joe Golds Gym in Venice. So do you wonder whether that beaten down old man ever got a cigarette out of me, it took about 50 yards, before I processed my WTF are you doing moment, I spun my bike around, hell yea I got a cigarette for you brother, these simple lies, are what blur the lines, the small, seemingly innocent little lies, are what opens doors of deceit, where does it stop, its best, if it never starts. I know,” Honesty Is The Best Policy”, sounds like some stupid kid lesson, but its not!

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