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Counting Dimes

When he said your problem is you don’t look down enough, it confused me, granted, we weren’t in the best of situations, but suggesting somehow this being caused by some attitude I was projecting, I thought to be wrong, he saw my confusion, he saw in me, that hearing this hurt, he explained, when ya look down ya find money! Stuck on the Boardwalk, Ocean City, no money for food gas or toll’s, so we smoke up the last of our weed, we start looking down upon the boards, down between the boards where people slinging coins at boardwalk vendors hawking their curios and food, surely have dropped a few, we go down below the boards where the shifting sands of time obscures our loot, digging for dimes, or anything of value that we might find, we got home, our bellies full, we did all right. Kennedy tried to get us straight with our money, gotta watch those bankers though, a particularly rotten bunch! Back in "64", three dimes could get ya a gallon of gas, today, those same three 1964 Roosevelt dimes buys a little more than 2.11 gallons, I wonder if we had been using real money all along, if all this mess we’re in, would be the same. If Obama were great, he would step out, stand up for the American People, for the American Way, enact executive order 111110, put an end to all this funny money stuff that continues to dilute Middle America’s Wealth! That’s the kind of Change that would do some good for my Country, for my Family, for me! Counting dimes, yea, back to that again, they stack up quick too, that same dime, that way back, bought me a Bottle of Coke, today at Burger King, gets me a Jr Whopper with a drink of my choice and fries, a little extra I think for a good clean bottle of processed water, still don’t see any of the value in their menu though! Ya know, I watched that mess in Washington going on, ya know if we really wanted to be serious about saving money, first thing, we’d just shut all that nonsense down, run all the bums all out of town, I recoil just thinking of the money we pay those knuckle heads, fools, but ya know, I wonder though, who here’s being played the fool anyway. Personally, I don’t think one of them is even worth one thin dime, I’m talking a dime all shiny and new, you know, a 2011 dime, I’m saying not even worth one of those copper filled slugs. Sitting back, thinking back when I was 8, Dad would take me to Ball Games, heading home we’d always stop by the Iron Gate, I can remember Dad sitting back, sipping on his Gin, flipping a dime up on the bar, buying a couple more bags of nuts for me, I’m sitting here, sitting back, looking at all these old dimes, I’m wondering if any of those old dimes of Dad’s have come back to me. Ah, the cycle of real money, I’ll get to spend it all again! I know, a lot of nonsense, all this talking of silver dimes, a lot of nonsense all that crap coming out of Washington too, seems I watched a pilot about government sponsored crime. So I guess its now, Job Well Done, all of Congress hits the beach, some needed R+R, then back to work in a month. Should be a busy fall, setting up this new committee to start talking about saving some more money, anyone wonder what this is gonna cost Wait just a minute, isn’t now the renewed focus to be on job creation, so I guess this new Super Congress should be creating some new jobs, maybe create some new office space too, hire all new staff, you know, gotta gear up I guess, guess your gonna have to spend some money if your gonna save that dime! One thin Roosevelt dime, job creation, wish I got one every time I heard that line, THERE ARE NO JOBS, hell, 70,000 construction workers, working, today are sitting home while Congress basks it the hot summer sun, that’s 70,000 of my Brothers who finley got some work, now their kicked back to the curb again, AIN’T NO NEW JOBS COMING SOON! I met Grocho a couple months before he died, ask of his plans, he said, "I’m leaving for North Korea in the morning and I’m never coming back", think I’ll be heading to North Dakota instead, their mostly all working up there, unemployment stands at about 3.8%. More value than a George Bush Phony Three Dollar Bill, today, one thin silver dime, just 1/10 of a silver dollar is valued at about $3, I’m building real wealth, I’m sizing up my future, counting up my dimes one at a time.

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  1. daniel

    August 9, 2011 @ 8:28 am

    funny… i was there today and wrote a song or two :)

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