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I would like a world where more of our cars were used for recreation, like for family get aways, just like yesterday, families out making more of those great american road trips. These cars are really something these days, ya know, something’s not right, mostly using them on 2-3 hour commutes back and forth to work every day. I think its time to build a new box, f«»k “think outside the box”, just change! About this connectivity, already its all in place, if your working in an office now, if your working behind a computer screen all day, if your making endless commutes, this old box is just draining you of money and time, which means more money! Every person doing this, could be doing a better job of it from their home. Ya know, I’m not gonna talk about the negatives of this idea, never mind, its a great idea, I think any negative feelings from this idea come from fear of change. Oh right, then there’s those oil companies, we’d be cutting them out of their daily slice, on the other side, that’s 2-3 hours extra time every day, (money), not paying that tariff to big oil every day,(more money), better food, more time to enjoy the community where you choose to live. We have the knowledge, we can change, we can change the dynamics of this new box we need so badly to build. A worker is a worker is a worker, a productive employee is just that, don’t much matter to them, where their productive at, if we’re gonna get serious about cutting off our oil dependence I think this is a good place to start. what man raising a family these days would even consider taking off on the great american road trip, after 50 weeks of daily 2-3 hour commutes, damn, I just realized, we’ve been giving up an important part of our American heritage here! Just think about it, loading up your car with a hoard of rammy kids, a wife that’s feeling neglected by all the time you’ve spent apart, it all just ratchets up, the tension, all this ain’t doing nothing but aggravating your frustration, just get everybody on a plane, take off to some resort, ship the kids off everyday to kids activities, sit back, try to relax, try to patch up things with your wife, then get ready, get some rest, ya got another 50 weeks of 2-3 hour commutes coming.

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