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A dark dawn, another dreary day, hard to believe our country is still in the shadow Bush cast across our land! Five Supreme Court Judges take a stand on free speech. I never saw this one coming, another shady deal, this one perpetrated by the highest court in the land. Its not as if there aren’t enough free speech issues for the court to decide, what about wire taps on the American public, what about the frustrated traveler, who caught up in a maze of security, who voices his frustration, subsequently, subjected to the abuse, of under educated, under payed, power mad, morons. Pay back is a mother fu**er, why is a third party, the American people, the ones paying back. Why is the court siding with corporations, why are they opposing the citizens who’s rights they swore to protect? Has our Supreme Court been corrupted? Rather than standing up for corporate america, we need these judges breaking the conglomerates up!

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  1. Lynn

    Hi Ed….so true…maybe you should run for something…love you

    Posted on 23-Jan-10 at 1:13 am | Permalink

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