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Bucket Science

Only silence from me, the Gulf Oil is Golden, nothing upbeat going on out here in the underground, nothing to do but watch, as another American Way of Life begins to disappear. More villains on Capitol Hill today, another parade, see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil, not one of them responsible for this, that blowout protector, turns out to be nothing more than a 450 ton paper weight, an invoice worth its weight in gold, the spin is, if everything ahead of it was working correctly, it really never needed to do nothing, this piece of equipment failing to activate is not the cause, its all that other stuff at the front of the line that didn’t work, that’s what caused the problem. I want to leave for Tahiti soon, I want to spend time on some pristine sub tropical beach, I just have a feeling it be better, burying my head in some clean sand. You know, I’m sorry, I know i seem negative, but what the hell, is that all they got, and if so, why didn’t they bring it with them to the party, why wasn’t one of those big old buckets on hand, up on the platform, come on now, throw a big bucket over it. They got nothing, all along we’ve been told their bucket science might not work, this morning I heard they were thinking about bringing on a bigger bucket, come on boys, this is the 21st century, these days, if you’ve got a big old mess, you’ve just gotta get a big old shop vac, a monster wet vac with about a mile of hose. Its just too bad the top of that big old bucket didn’t have a sharper point to it, when plan A didn’t work, they could have moved right into plan B, flip that son of a bitch over, then drive it down, like a big old cone wedge, pound it into that hole in the ocean floor. Day by day, blow by blow, oil continues spewing, six dead dolphins discovered, we did a bang up job, mucking up their neighborhood! I know, its all about the greater good, about National Security, Homeland Securty, Well, I guess its really not all that bad, after all, with about 2,000 producing wells pumping oil out in the gulf, this is the first time, a catastrophe on this grand of a scale has occurred, some could say this record is pretty good, after all, risk vs. reward. So I’m hearing today about this junk shot, force a heap of shredded tires and golf balls down into the well head, do they plan to chase the rubber plug with a few cans of fix a flat. About this time in the year, tropical storms start rolling up through the gulf, what happens when lightning starts cracking down on the water, are there soon to be wild fires burning out on the Gulf. Well I guess change is good, over several days, as I’ve tried writing this post, I’ve been witness to change, I don’t know if it gets across, how I’m troubled by all the hip shooting going on with these three companies, seems there all working the earn as you learn method, throwing whatever comes off the top of their heads, at their hole in the ocean floor, all along, taking pot shots at each other. Well today they try the baby bucket method, yesterday I rode my bicycle down to the LaBrea Tar Pits, watching that bubbling ooze, I wonder if what I see, is the future for the Gulf Coast Wetlands, I wonder if they will ever plug the leak. So why am I so bothered by these events, after all, I still have my beach, my way of life seems secure, I know I’ll be paying more for shrimp, too bad, I like shrimp.

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