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Black Swan’s Racing

Ya know, its fitting, dark clouds hanging low, a dark canopy hovering over this years Labor Day Parade. I’m an old guy, never the first to catch on, for forty years we’ve been driving down this dead end highway, a thanks goes out to Nixon for clearing Bretton Woods! I never paid much attention to money, always let it run right through my hands, now I’m a little bitter though, this bull shit really mucked up my five year plan! Thank God I didn’t invest, I never saved, the stories are endless of people losing everything! I guess I’ve always had a seventh sense of the value in a dollar, that really it had no value at all, today, the melt value of a dime is 2 cent! Twenty cent to a dollar, I get it, to pay Government Global Debt, Government is well served, paying down diluted dollars, quite the opposite, “We The People” are not! I was speaking with my friend The Moonshine Alchemist over this Labor Day Weekend, I told him Obama had really disappointed me, that he’d really had me believing, my buddy said he knew…, he said what was interesting though was why. Well I’m buying nickels now, guess you’d say I’m on a mission, I mean for me its a real joy trading a dime worth only 2cent, for a couple nickels worth 7cent each. Buying money of value, with money that’s worthless is always good! But ya know people don’t care, then I remember that not too long before, I didn’t care, I’m thinking maybe Catch 22, until you begin accumulating, until you begin learning about the real money, the Constitutional Money, the only money you know as real is the fiat currency currently printed by The Fed. Too bad they don’t have a Bernanke at the Department Of Labor, I know they wish they had a wizard in house who could wave a wand, and wala…, jobs are created…, just as easy as printing dollars!!! Michelle Bachmann did the Sunday Morning Circuit, when questioned on her campaign promise of $2 gas if she were president, asked how she’d do it, I waited…, still waiting…, thought she could get honest here, you know, let the proverbial cat out from the bag…, ya see to paraphrase, its the money stupid! She won’t, seems there’s no one out there willing to talk about this, OK, here it comes…, cut corporate taxes! Ok that makes a lot of sense, just working her book again, she gets it, more lobbying money, that’s job creation, of course the corporations will invest this windfall, putting more pimps to work on Capitol Hill. Black Swan’s Racing, there’s a flock out there heading here, boiled frogs on the menu, just can’t believe I’m the only one feeling all this heat! Sometimes I wonder if I should stop trying to understand why we’re here in this mess now, I’m wondering if its just too complex, just too many layers to this onion, I keep getting lost pealing them back, all these financial dudes are from Princeton anyhow, all with bigger brains than mine, I’ve been to Princeton, man that’s a really nice place to sit and think, but what the hell, to anyone who’s been there knows, its really not the real world! All these thoughts they think are taking us farther away from our dreams, they all seem intent on destroying the American Dream, I think things would go better if they all would stop, stop all this abstract financial thinking and just take one of those worthless coins, make good use of it, call heads or tails as its flipped in the air!

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