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Anyone Who Had A Heart

Would surely feel the pain of it breaking, seeing pelicans mired in the muck, washing into the marsh, W T F, OVER, I really wish it were over, nothing but old news now, W T F, acceptance, who the hell is running operations at BP anyway, Murphy? Twenty five years ago, I learned about the five P’s, PROPER PREPERATION PREVENTS PISSPOOR PERFORMANCE, these guys at BP are looking bad, let’s face it, their making it up as they go along. A month and a half into this ordeal, its either these guys at BP really don’t know, or they really do. Current trends tend to lean towards the former. So then they get the saw stuck, was I surprised, anytime I’ve gone after pipe with a circular saw, the outcome, always less than I desired, in plain english, its just a real pain in the ass, cutting pipe with a skill saw, a band saw works much better. We don’t seem to hear a damn thing about the condition of the sea bed, we hear about risers, about the blow out preventer, but nothing of the structure of the ocean floor in the area of the well, how it was affected when the Deep Water Horizon exploded then sank. I know they know, why else wouldn’t they have just cut the riser last month, and install a plug on top to stop the flow. I believe these guys know how bad it really is, it wasn’t a lack of horsepower, that kept them from stuffing the well with mud, these guys are out on the edge, I think if they kept pumping, the sea bed is so fractured, they would have blown that well right out of the ocean floor. So I wonder if the movie will be released before the well is plugged, out of nowhere, I’m thinking Fitzcarraldo, I wonder if BP will form an entertainment division within their corporate structure, some sort of co production deal with Cameron, if we survive this assault on our planet, I’m sure it would play to sell out crowds. So there you go, something to live for, the true story of the Deep Water Horizon, with all the behind the scene drama. There has not been enough said of the two men who rode, kicking and screaming, that well all the way to the end, all the way down, these men are real heros. That BP boss man got the hell out of dodge, you know, every man for himself, well we know we’ll hear what he’s got to say. So this ain’t my first barbecue, I know what’s coming now, I know what’s gonna go down, soon we’re gonna hear about all they’ve learned as they’ve wrestled this beast down, how they’re able to do these operations safely now, that now they know what their doing, let the spin begin. Tony Hayward says BP is gonna make this right, sorry to go biblical on ya, thou shall not kill, how ya gonna make that right, how do you replace ones way of life? I don’t think they’ll be a fat lady singing anytime soon down on the Delta, the Coast Guard says this cleanup will go on into the fall, give me a break. That place will never be right, unbelievable, the corporate assault on another indigenous people in our modern times, this time our own people! Say brother, can you spare a little change?!!!

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  1. SuieBratcher@aol.com

    June 8, 2010 @ 10:53 pm

    Hi Ed,
    I cannot even watch it on TV anymore. I agree WTF BP.
    All these engineers in the country and no one can figure this
    Miss you
    Mom and Dad are doing good.

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