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Am I Making Any Sense

If you were to ask my opinion, I would have to say yes, at least more sense than I used to make, back when I didn’t write any of this stuff down. You see folks, here is the problem, I should be out there working, to much time spent thinking at home. Don’t get me wrong now, I’m grateful, I have a. home, through some choices I made over the past few years, today, I’ve got a roof, I eat pretty good too. So what I’m figuring out, and maybe a lot of ya are going to be saying duh right about now, that this is something at his age, he should have already known, is politicians, people in the public eye, deserve a bit more empathy, everything they say, everything there caught saying over a lifetime is examined. So anyhow, I am trying to get somewhere with this, I notice, in casual conversations I have with friends, with the people I know, anymore, I tend to follow the story line, on whatever current post I have out there at the time. This does bother me, when I catch myself quoting something I wrote over the last couple weeks, I don’t feel spontaneous. I notice over the months that I’ve been writing here, a lot of what I thought, at the time I wrote it, today I know was wrong. Its all a process, I still am convinced, a lot of stuff I write is right, I don’t have anyone calling me out on something I wrote 5 weeks ago, I’m afforded the opportunity to adjust, as I continue trying to figure all this out. So, do any of you see how good it would be, to get me back working, let’s face it, all us guys, need to get back working, hell, none of us got no beer money! I think it would be difficult, being held to everything you wrote, you said, you even implied that you were thinking throughout a lifetime. I’m not surprised at how difficult change is! None of these politicians are afforded the opportunity of enlightenment, to understand something in a new way. I feel when there out there speaking to the masses , they are expected to stay in there box, to speak their party line. So where am I going, you know its pretty sad when all the Votes in the House, in the Senate, the numbers are all about the same. Now my buddy tells me, I feel the way I do, because I have unemployment, that I’m on the dole, that he wants what’s good for the country, that he thinks our country is being ruined. We don’t agree, through it all, there are things we find we can agree on. Through a conversation, one may shed a little more light, a more enlightened perspective on a particular aspect, maybe only an obscured detail, usually we’d find something. I can count on him telling me, I need to be watching more Fox news, I keep telling him, about the Storm Goddess on NBC! That if he’d just drive in from Vegas, take the time one morning to check her out, I know he’ll forget all about FOX, just one look at Elita, and he’ll agree with me!

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