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Ain’t No Place

This ain’t no place for me to be making all these important decisions, formulating some conclusions, wanting to affect the direction of my community, of my State, of my Nation. All I seem to be thinking about here as I’m thinking…, is whether I really want to eat ANOTHER Hot Fudge Sunday! Ed, now damnit, stop thinking about that value meal menu, I know, am I still off on this polling place rant, well yea, I’m gonna have a hard time holding a straight face as I enter the Play Room to cast MY BALLOT! Garbage in garbage out, no juxtaposition going on here, its starting to make some real sense to me now, not really, however, now I see how one could group all of this together. You know I’d feel more comfortable just Voting in some bar, not really, I really just wanted to push those buttons, but what about a School, a Courthouse, some CommunIty Facility, like I said yesterday, how about a little dignity to this process please. So I’ve got 16 Judge’s on my sample ballot, a thumb up or down for each candidate, I decide, so what if I vote them all down, what if everyone votes them all down, do we have no Judges? Make a note, I’m curious, I’m a little more comfortable with multiple choice, seems I should know something about the people I’m voting for, people who may one day sit in judgment of me, of my family, of someone that I know, Noted! Now my theory these days, is first off, eliminate all the lawyers, a good bet all those judges are lawyers, what do you think…?, thumb down et al! I picked a Judge up off the deck a couple weeks ago, back East, I was visiting with my Mother, having my Fathers Ashes Blessed. This stubborn old Irishmen weighed in at 270#, he never wore socks! My first try, he didn’t move, he had no business being out, crawling in and out of his car, hell, he should have sold that car years ago, he has an aid who helps him, he should have waited! My Aunt ran into my Mothers house saying Edmund we need you. The Judge was down, he was beside his car, on the floor of his garage, he’d been there a while, rolling around, waiting around for someone to show up, someone who could help him up! In Smithsonian magazine about a year ago, I read a little piece about some history on our Supreme Court, it talked about landmark decisions, about Justices on the court were responsible for driving these landmark decisions home, turns out, Justices who had the greatest impact on the Court were commoners so to speak, that is to say, they did not have carriers in law, seems they provided a fresh perspective to the law of our land. Jessie Ventura always has something to say, he was talking about the Constitution, our Bill Of Rights, what he said was, these documents are for protection of the unpopular voice, God knows, the popular need no protection! I have read the original document, John Dickinson’s working copy of our Constitution, held it in my hands, four pages, pretty simple, I am amazed at what I hear people attribute to it, I’m even more amazed at the bills that come from Congress, thousands of pages long, I don’t think this is in the spirit of the founding of our Nation, there is a whole lot of stuff that goes on in the name of Government, that could stand a little dumbing down!

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