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A Wandering Mind

I’ve been distracted lately, hard to say by what, there’s just so much, it seems out from nowhere, a nest of Giant Gators are among us. Right about now, if anyone has a working time machine hidden away, you know a secret weekend garage project that’s been kept put away, now might be a good time to break it out. Out from nowhere, I’ve got a sudden craving for a bowl of freshly roasted peanuts, and a couple of Billy Beers, I want to just sit back, get away for a while from all this, think a little of back then, what’s happening right now, scares the hell out of me! Talk about a suckers rally, with all the goings on, yesterday, with Wall Street, I’ll be honest, I haven’t thought one bit about that oil spill out in the Gulf. You know, its been just one thing, after another, the one thing happening now, that will have the biggest effect on my life, on the families of my childrens lives, is what it is, no real news here, its gonna do, what its gonna do, hell its only a little less than 146 gallons a minute, spewing into the gulf, if they just keep applying the dispersants, they can keep it from floating across, on the surface, keep a lot hidden under water. So how big, does the hole need to be, for 145 gallons a minute to leak, I’d say, quite an understatement saying, the safety shut off valve wasn’t working properly, good thing those firecrackers in New York City didn’t work too good. You know, Randy Newman could write a good song about the happenings out in the gulf, I wonder where the Cuyahoga flows, they haven’t saved Australia either, I read about a well blowing out, down there, another Halliburton Project, I read about it destroying vast areas of the Great Barrier Reef. I guess its not to bad, a little more than two gallons a second, spilling out that big hole, into the gulf, I don’t know, I’m sorry, I get bothered, I guess I sweat the small stuff. Whenever I hear of a plan with a lot of unknowns, I think about Move, I get visions of suitcase bombs being dropped from choppers, of blocks burning, of a speech by a Mayor, saying it was a Goode Plan, just another one that didn’t work! So I guess dispersants are a good plan, out of sight, out of mind, you know I hate the look of oil floating on the surface, it seems BP is getting off easy here, allowing them to keep hitting the slick with chemicals, knocking it down to the ocean floor. We all eat from that ocean, as impossible of a task as it sounds, BP needs to clean that mess up, get the oil out, not keep adding more to their deadly mix. Well, I for one am glad, BP had a worst case scenario plan in place, these boys out there, know what their doing, they know what’s up, they’ll tell us when they get it under control, what I want to know more about now, is how that Mad Manhattan Bomber lived, the video of his apartment satisfies some of my curiosity, I could stand a little more about how his life went bad, some more of that personal stuff, that’s always good. You know, its always one thing, after another, that’s keeping my eye off the ball, I can be directed, I’m victim to a wandering mind!

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