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A Five Fingered Claw

I have a hard time letting go of things, I guess its in my nature, I’m a Water Dragon, I wonder if it has anything to do with the five fingers I have on each of my claws, I’m still having trouble with Neil Young, how I really wanted to see him friday night, I expected it, how haunting all this Michael Jackson stuff is, how these days, he can pop up anywhere. Is Neil still to raw for the world, I just can’t get it out of my mind, is it because I’ve seen this guy play before, you know, I see it, the opening ceremonies were beautiful, Neil Young would have added just a little more. I’ve still got my claws grabbing on to the idea that things are gonna get better too, that work is coming back, Christ, I need these last few years to build my Pension. I’ve got no money for beer, my thoughts are clearing up, the things I think about, aren’t too good, too many of my brothers are out of work, these are good guys, the guys that are always working, the only way we’ll counter big corporate money that’s sure to flow, infecting the democratic process, is by our vote. What the hell, they’ve dried us all out, let’s all just stay that way, stare this corporate crap down, go eye to eye, demand these monopolies are broken up, don’t have, “We Earn Our Money The Old Fashioned Way”" just be a slogan, roll it back to the day when it was a way of life in our country! So I just had a bout with procrastination over the last few weeks, I deal with this stuff all the time, I’ll put a lot of stuff off, sometimes its just stupid, me not acting, you’d think I’d deal with it, if by not, it might do me harm! Maybe this has become the New American way of life. So am I living by example here, what I see everywhere, is a willingness to let everything ride, I see this in the House, the Senate, a lot of work needs to get done back there, we all are harmed, by not getting it done, at times, procrastination gets downright dangerous. Thinking about all this stuff, I think I’ll start making changes, let small stuff go, work things out the best I can at the time, accept it, and move on. You won’t hear me whining about Neil Young no more! Dad told me once,”things always change”, I can wait, there will always be more Opening Olympic Ceremonies. These other issues that come up, these issues that demand immediate attention, I’m gonna start taking care of business. My smoke alarm went crazy about three weeks ago, its a hard wired unit, with a battery back up, the battery wore out, it started making noise. I tried just popping the battery out, but the noise continued, I disconnected the power supply and set the unit on the table. Honestly, I thought about that smoke alarm every day, at night, I’d glance over at it before I’d sleep, chew myself out a little, you see, I know better. I live in a community here, something like this, is more than just about me, its important for my neighbors, that my smoke alarms are working. I put off getting it up, because I had to buy two batteries at a time, I should be able to buy single batteries, however, not buying what I needed to be safe, made no real sense. When I finley found a single battery, I thought it was to expensive, I almost walked away! Three of four pillars, rising up to the Caldron was symbolic of Neil Young missing from the opening ceremonies. Sorry, I forgot, I have a hard time letting go, I know, I am gonna stop this, this is just hard to get out of my mind, it seems he can pop up anywhere. Nothing like those clandestine Elvis sightings, I’ve seen more of this guy over the last seven months, than I saw of him, the last ten years of his life. Its haunting, Its sad to think the yin and yang of this, is we all loose a kind, generous, talented man, to soon, while opposing forces seek to wring every last nickel out of his hide. I know, I’m sorry, I’ll start letting go of some of this stuff

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  1. lynn

    February 19, 2010 @ 12:18 pm

    Hey Ed…..I love this new lay out..nice post..we all put things off…love you

  2. vitamins

    February 20, 2010 @ 3:31 am

    Interesting and informative. But will you write about this one more?

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