A Lady Came and Had Me Take a Dollar

by admin on Aug.01, 2010, under Uncategorized

This post is about Notes Of A Tunesmith

Writtin’ music and performing is an interesting thing… that I love to do.

Today, a lady came and had me take money she offered. She said there was too much fighting. Maybe music can substitute?

It’s weird how that works.

The other day a youth brought me a Rita’s waterice. A few days before that the owner of “The World’s Largest Pizza” gave me a slice for playing my guitar.

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by admin on Jul.31, 2010, under Daniel, lyrics

In as much
As a word can touch
I’m reaching out to you
And, I hope to see
What you say
About the way
Our heads headed
Remove what’s embedded
About hate, death and war
After all,
There’s got to be more
An expanded view

Evoke a sixth sense
Is what we’ll try to do
So, you can talk to me
And, I can talk to you
Without moving our lips
Communication slips

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by admin on Jul.31, 2010, under Daniel, lyrics


The message of a word
Variations of inflection
Having unintentional
In the path
Of the dragon’s breath
Caught in the cross-hair
In how they hear it

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What I Heard

by admin on Jul.25, 2010, under Daniel, lyrics

At such times as these
When men are dropping
To their knees
Those of belief
Come together

For those of little faith
It may be too late

I’m not in
To prolonged grief
Suffering and pain
Can drive you insane
How can living be a sin?

Not that I want to live forever
But, for now
I beg to stay
Finding the way
Smiles and happiness
Bring the bliss

Loving love

The Fountain Of Youth
Is youth
The zest for life
That comes from the innocence
Of truth, trust and eccentricity

Those of like mind
Birds of a feather
Let’s bring it together
The kind that are kind
May we find
The power
The energy
The electricity
To help offset
The hypocrisy
Of humanity

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See The Sea

by admin on Jul.21, 2010, under Uncategorized

The mountains and the ocean seem to have special qualities that attract humans. The following series is about just that.

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Wave Rider

by admin on Jul.20, 2010, under Uncategorized

written in the sea
music written working on lyrics

Wave Rider
Am7 / Am / Am9 dim and such during the jam
D / E / Am

about body surfing and other such wave ridin’

Standing in the ocean
Floating neck deep
With anticipation
Of the energy seep

[the energy in waves is purdy darn cool... then
apply it to yourself?]

At The Jersey Shore

Beach For Wave Riding / Body Surfing

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The Music Seen

by admin on Jul.12, 2010, under Uncategorized

The Music Seen [MP3 Demo]

Thinking of you
On this hot summer night
Wondering if
You just might….

Going down to Downey’s
Plenty of players there
With the spirit to experiment
What sound can be found?

Thinking of you
On this hot summer night
Wondering if
You just might….

Take some singers to Ringers
Bring more to the dance floor
Give a look that’s meant
To ask if there’s more

Thinking of you
On this hot summer night
Wondering if
You’ll improve my sight
Catch a glimpse
Through the crowd
We’ll sing our song
We’ll sing it loud
With astral dancing
Made for romancing
Embrace the space
While we have the chance

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The Hippie Blues

by admin on Jul.06, 2010, under lyrics

inspired by Mike Garrity, David Hawkins, Eric Laos, Jayar Bass and all the other souls at the party

I’ve seen the strangest things
These past nights
The brightest lights
Happening hues
Giving life clues

I’ve heard the strangest things
These last days
Bands on the banks
Playing the hippie blues
Catching the early rays
With a community born
From love and harmony

They’ve become kin to me
We’re starting to see
What we can do
When we care to share

Everyone sings:
We’re happy to be
In each other’s company
To catch the thrill
Of the soul spill

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Extra Words

by admin on Jul.05, 2010, under lyrics

It’s looking like you’ll help me see
Why they like empathy
At the price of you and me

Is what I want
If it’s an explanation
Exploit me

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by admin on Jun.30, 2010, under lyrics

Now, if I could just
Get it through to me
Without giving out
What we’re all about….

Then, the intuition
Will prevail

There is that
That you are
That makes us
… outrageous
It has to do
With how delicious

Thank you

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