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This part of the Membrane is meant to be an experiment in A BEST OF ALBUM… a collection of my favorite songs… put together as kind-of a songbook. A gift to you. I hope there is enjoyment, entertainment, enlightenment or something like that.

The Best Of Daniel MP3 Album

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    • Dreaming Of Making Love
      LYRICS Dreaming of making love Dreaming of making love all night Rise and shine. Start the day. Try n’ listen to what She’ll say Man-you-factor of love Great work. Great pay. Producing throughout the day Dreaming of making love all night Dreaming of making love Dreaming of making love all night The pinnacle of human […]
    • Young Love
      LYRICS Young Love Loves to learn Loves to love We’re strapping on banana suits To bring a smile Making people happy We’re putting on… Putting on banana suits Gonna better this world… Gonna better this world Before we get too old Diverting another crisis That’s been left to us (Our inheritance) Lemonade for cancer aid […]
    • Tis Be Da Rhythm
      LYRICS Dum, dum, do, deo, do, de, do, dum… dum At the time, you know the time and, by the way, on the day Almost like you can smell it in the air They set the verse to rhyme Then, there They strum They drum Rhythm is born and then bears a vibration ABOUT The […]
    • Verge Of Violence
      LYRICS You! Yes, you. You’re on the verge of… [And, I’m realizing Your victimizing Puts all on the verge… We’re on the fringe of violence Looks like I’ll have to pass you by (sigh!) Sirens screaming Distraction leaning Toward anarchy A cryin’ shame We’re to blame For not takin’ care of our own Opportunity blown […]
    • Gummi Bears Change Position On Global Warming
      LYRICS (Special guest appearance by Toucan the Dog: guard dog growl) The Gummi Bears are at a loss for words But, they’d like to convey a message if they may? They’re picking up swords As we melt them, a lass, They’re forming a mass (a giant mass) Giant Gummi Bear goo They’ll be rolling over […]
    • I Met A Girl
      LYRICS I met a girl (She) wanted a five second song But, ya see, Jessi… I’ve already written… there’s another Jessi And, it’ll take too long For me to fall for you I met a girl Andrea the atheist She wanted to know my twist on this “My God’s a lady and, lately She’s fed […]
    • Bring The Love Along
      Bringing The Love Along (Free .MP3 Music Download) LYRICS I’ve been sleeping with Mother Nature In a state all natural She keeps asking questions… … with answers unsure She wants to know When I go… … to sleep with Her for eternity What I think I can bring So, I’ve been coming to some realizations […]
    • The Song And Dance Cureall
      LYRICS Major Tom, What went wrong? Did you song Get eatin’ by the machine? No need to punish your ma Do you know what I mean? Bring out your do ra me fa Chances are you’ll go far Come clean from the obscene Dance with a star You know? Shakin’ like tremolo Moving in stereo […]
    • Rock-You-Pie (Rockupy)
      LYRICS The knot to tie The not to try why not… Rock You Pie? For a real dream Add ice cream Rock-you-pie a la mode Rockupy! Flush the crap Down the commode Hand clapper for the crapper As in, “Do you get it… Flush that shit!” Rockupy! Rockupy (.mp3 Free Music Download) ABOUT THE SONG […]
    • The First Amendment Monument
      LYRICS It’s the 1st Amendment Whether you like it or not The 1st Amendment Ya can’t piss in “It” without the pot [We ain't even got a pot to piss in. Sing it again!] Do ya get “it”? This is our permit As I sit on the rock of the constitution Watching the evolution of […]
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