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Staying Out Of The Fray

Listening to the Sunday Morning programs, the pundits, I can’t hold back anymore, I can’t help myself, all I heard was double talk. So how about Donald Trump for president, a Trump, Palin ticket, with Ted Nugent, or maybe Meatloaf as Secretary Of Defense, that’s the ticket, maybe Trump can fire Congress, seriously though, put our government on FOX, sell a little right wing advertising, what the hell, that could get us up out of the hole, Christ, Trump could assign creative tasks to congressional committees, bring the committees in, one after another, grade them individually on their performance, start to weed out all the dead weight, seriously though… I stopped writing about this stuff a while back, an old friend told me that I sounded bitter and un american, just my observations though, I can’t hold back, in all this noise of budget cuts, reducing the deficit, excessive public pensions, etc. I have yet to hear one member of Congress step up, suggest legislation that would reduce the benefit package he receives. By doing all they do, they believe their pay package should go higher, after all, their doing so good at knocking the middle and the bottom down. I’m thankful, as I’m sure many are, that the Government was not shut down, what strikes me is how it all went down, they begin to define the classes that exist in our country. Not a problem for them, throwing the unemployed to the wolves, millions were hung out to dry a couple times last year, then there are the 99ers, their still flapping in the breeze, it seems to me, its mostly nothing but nonsense that fuels our congressional debate’s. The only one I know of who isn’t talking is Maxine Waters, she says she’s curious of the details, she says she need to do a little reading, that she’ll get back to us Wednesday. Maybe all this stressing is all for not, after all, we destroyed the Gulf last year, this year its the Pacific, next year its 2012, I know, everything’s OK, nothing will hurt us, everything is safe. Is it just my stupidity, thinking all along, they should of had the plan on how they would deal with nuclear waste, without the spent fuel rods stored on site, at the Damaged Japanese Reactor, the situation would be a lot less complicated to control. I think the responsibility to render back goes hand and hand with creating, Its a human condition, we’ve got the same damn thing going on with all the plastic’s. On taxes, the message I’m hearing comes in loud and clear, if ya got it, we’re gonna let you keep it, if you don’t, were coming and knocking you down, General Electric paying no taxes, now that just ain’t right, Joseph Stalin once said that no ruling class voluntarily leaves the stage of history, ya know, there ought to be a law, oh, wait a minuite, there is!

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