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My Alternative Plan

I’m excited, this is not some hair brain idea of mine that came to me in a bad dream, I saw this on the TV. “Hand Painted Two Dollar Bills”. I’m buying me a stack, maybe two inches thick, the rarest of all bills their gonna give me a second stack free, paper, a lot lighter than silver to hold, all this for just about $9.95 each (plus shipping and handeling) what the hell, they even fold! How much shipping and handling could that be? You never know, hell, times get tough sometimes, I’m betting on this paper will burn, maybe it will warm me through a winter one day. I think I’ll send the stack of $2 bills I’m getting free to Trump, I’m gonna invest it in our future, it can help him fund his run, things would be so good again if Donald Trump were President. Let me change the subject some, my Cat Katie, enjoys munching on crunches’ and cashews, while sipping on coffee, there, I said it, Gary Busey as Trumps Secretary of State, Ted Nugent, his Secretary of Defense, there I said some more! I know, am I serious, myself, I’m wondering about Trump, I don’t know, I know, he says he always is, I think he’s just ramping up the Meg Whitman job creation machine, all nonsense today, I’m hitting nothing but net!

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