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Every Now And Then

I’ve been told, from time to time, every now and then, you need to say to yourself, self, just what in the hell am I trying to do here anyway, you need a strategy, I’ve got a strategy, however, from time to time, I can become so distracted. So it looks like Silver and Gold may soon be going on sale, today their falling through the floor, I’m into heavy metal in a very small way. I think an opportunity to better my position may come sooner than expected, at the pace metals were moving, I thought I’d be waiting on July or August. I’ve been looking over charts, certainly charts chronicling the erratic dips and spikes of the spot market, what’s more interesting are the Gold/Silver Ratio charts, I’m looking back, sometime back around 1980, the ratio was 14.1, in about eleven years, sometime early 1991, the ratio was at 100.82, in a perfect world, God knows I’m due a break, I’m looking for something like this to occur again! In the last 6 months the ratio dropped 22.04, in simple terms, six months back, 58 ounces of Silver bought you 1 oz of Gold, yesterday 36 ounces of Silver bought that same ounce of Gold, if in 1980 you took 5 lbs of Silver and traded it in for Gold, you’d have 5.67 oz in Gold, in 1991, you change it back to Silver, that’s 571.65 ounces of silver. Its mystical, its all gone to hell, you just might feel that, watching Silver and Gold falling on the spot market today, the value of Silver and Gold doesn’t change, the change is in the currency, you don’t buy Gold and Silver to get rich, it keeps you from being poor! Yesterday I talked with a guy, he said it was time to trade, said the ratio may drop down another five, myself, I think I’m sitting back, I’ve seen lightning strike twice, twice before, if Silver’s value never changes, I just don’t see how I loose! Pieces Of Eight, ya know I thought this phrase in some way was tied to the historical Gold/Silver ratio, sorry, what’s interesting though, our stock market, prior to June 24, 1997 was in denominations of 1/8 dollars, bits, early in our american history we payed for war in Pieces Of Eight, a currency derived from the Spanish Dollar. I read not too long ago, around 1800, an ounce of Gold would buy a man a suit, shirt, shoes, socks, a tie, all of very fine quality, today I think you get about the same. So where am I going with all this, what is my plan, do I even have a plan, well, I’m waiting for the numbers to come to me, un shaken, the rise and fall, not much more than a side show in my plan, I’m playing this like roulette, when buying opportunities present, I’m hedging my bet. Let me tell you this, let me warn ya’ll, ya don’t wanna follow me, it just might cause you trouble, I just might not know what in the hell I’m talking about, you know, I don’t know, I might just be fascinated by the alchemy.

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  1. Robert Asman

    April 12, 2011 @ 11:28 pm

    OMG…you aren’t serious ? You are buying gold and silver (the Barbarous Metal)for what ? I mean, if everyone did what you are doing, all the demented criminals that work for the Central Banks, Regular Banks, Too Big to Fail Banks(TBTF); muchless Wall Street and the Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds, Ponzi Scheme Funds from around the world would have no paper to sell to people. Besides having to cut down fewer trees, alot of sociopaths would have to find real work like making stuff or repairing infrastructure…the work they usually relegated to our slave class of minimum wage workers whose wages fell 15% in the last 5 years (controlling bad inflation) while Wall Street increased over 62% in same time frame(creating good inflation). This paper money they make is useless…its not even as good as toilet paper because its brittle with nasty ink and you can’t even wipe your ass or vagina well with it. The problem with gold and silver is you can’t eat it (like paper money) and it certainly won’t wipe your ass or vagina well. Just an insight you inspired Mr Alchemistic !
    I was wondering what the Ratio of Silver to Toilet Paper is at….I wanna short the trade like JPM and get famously rich and nasty like Jamie Dimon and all his friends running the country.

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    April 13, 2011 @ 6:31 am

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