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My Mother SALLY JANE SIMMONS JR. January 30, 1929— December 25, 2010. An Obituary

Sally Jane Simmons died Christmas Morning at home in West Chester Pennsylvania. She loved pelicans, hawks, and even the little red squirrel that called our back woods home, Mom was a Dragon, born in Philadelphia, January 30, 1929, she is survived by her Sister Joan who lives in Danbury Connecticut. Sally had five children, four of them girls, and a Son, she loved them all, seven living Grandchildren, and two Great Grandchildren. Her Husband Jack, of 60 years, passed away Sept 17, of 2010, her eighth grandchild Owen, preceded her in death as well. As a child she loved to roller skate, she painted, she had an Elk Hound named Skipy who she loved, she spent tough years, living through some hard times out in Chicago, then coming back to Philadelphia, grew up in Yeadon, she went to Beaver College, then married in February of 1950. She loved all her children, grand, and great grand children, she would always do anything for them, truly a selfless woman, my Mother was a Saint! There, I said it…, I feel better now, Mom, God Bless You, Rest In Peace.

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