Stir Fry Music Revival Festival Footage And Pictures
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Just In Time Band *Bright Sunny Day* joins in the Last Minute Band at the Stir Fry Music Revival. The members of the band had never played together before, but when a scheduled band didn’t show… musicians who had not even met before, took to the stage… resulting in a highlight for the weekend. By the end of the set, they had gathered quite a crowd.

In this video, they play an original song written for Danielle Brouse.

Band members throughout the set included:
Matt Burke — Guitar, Vocals
Loretta Allen — Guitar, Vocals
Tim Smith — Guitar
Kodi — Master Drummer
Daniel Brouse — Keyboards, Vocals, Percussion, Production
Bill Witty — Guitar, Vocals, Sound Engineer
Eric Visnov — Guitar, Vocals
Alex — Drums

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