"We Don't Know Much"

We do not know much, but this we agree upon:

1) if anyone of us have appeared to be a hypocrite in our words or actions, we admit it. and by so doing, we are no longer hypocrites. A hypocrite can not call oneself a hypocrite. It is similar to a liar saying he is a liar.

One who falsely professes to be virtuously or religiously inclined; one who pretends to have feelings or beliefs of a higher order than his real ones; hence generally, a dissembler, pretender.

there is an important point to note here: one easy way to avoid hypocrisy is not to have any moral beliefs whatever .... i take it that is not what we wanna be?

2) we all believe in love. one love. an unconditional love. If everyone could love each other this way, it would be ideal.

But, this is only possible for a superhuman or a nonhuman.

we can try to love everyone. it is very difficult, if not impossible, to unconditionally love everyone but the key is that we can try

3) music (and other forms of expressive art) can help people understand love... and we seek to spread it.

Agreed. And, can this be said of all forms of communication?

i think communication leads to understanding, without which love is (to my mind) impossible.

Peter, Gabriel, Sidd, and Him

Witnessed for Her by Me