The Benefits of Systemic Enzymes

August 4th, 2010

“The Benefits of Systemic Enzymes” by Matt Monarch of

I go into depth about systemic enzymes in both this video and article below…

All of the Healing Health Food Institutes that I know of help people heal from various degenerative diseases. The three most common tools these Institutes use to assist healing are…helping a person improve their diet, cleansing the colon A LOT, and giving
everyone green juices (vegetable juice and/or wheatgrass).
I like to term this fabulous trio… the ‘Healing Antidote’.

Over the last couple of years, many of these
health institutes have started incorporating a fourth piece to the puzzle… Taking Systemic Enzymes on an empty stomach.
Also sometimes termed as ‘Therapeutic’ or ‘Metabolic’ Enzymes,
these ‘Systemic’ Enzymes have the potential to expedite the
healing process. Generally, people usually think of enzymes
as a digestive agent taken with food, which will help digest
the food being consumed. However, research shows that when
you take enzymes on an empty stomach, they go into the
metabolic processes of the body, which include healing
damage. I have heard many expert authorities on natural
healing state that taking systemic enzymes on an empty
stomach has the potential to help with dissolving cancerous
tumors. I have personally witnessed many people rid
themselves of cancerous tumors by utilizing systemic
enzymes in conjunction with a healthier dietary lifestyle.

I feel that the technological advancement of creating
systemic enzymes for human consumption is an example of
science at its BEST!!! Enzymes are catalysts and they are
responsible for accelerating positive chemical reactions in the
body. When they do this they retain their own structure and
do not become part of any action they perform. Working
as catalysts, enzymes group together any wandering
inactive molecules and transform these molecule
structures into new active-molecules that can be of
use to heal the body. Once an enzyme catalyzes one
group of molecules, making them active to help heal
the body, the enzyme then moves on to the next
group of inactive molecules. These “God-sent” enzymes
do not die out after one positive chemical reaction.
They keep going and going until their life force is
completely depleted.

These inactive wandering molecules at some point may be
of use to the body when they naturally connect with
whichever counterparts they need to become active,
however, with enzymes present, these reactions can
proceed much faster, sometimes a million-fold times
faster. As an anaology, I am in Arizona right now…
If I wanted to go to New York, I could walk, but if I were to take
an airplane, that airplane would act as a “catalyst” and
expedite my trip to NY 1000-fold or more.

All enzymes taken on an empty stomach will work to help the
body… even digestive enzymes. However, some enzymes are
much more POWERFUL than other enzymes. If you use
standard digestive enzymes, you will need A LOT more to
accomplish the same task compared to most systemic
enzyme blends on the market. The two most POWERFUL
enzymes that have the potential to help with inflammation and
tumors are serrapeptidase and nattokinase. I have witnessed
HUNDREDS of people utilize these enzymes with GREAT SUCCESS.

The recommended dosage for ‘maintenance’ with
our systemic enzyme blend is 1/2 a teaspoon, 2 – 3 times a
day. I personally am an ‘extremist’ and have built up to taking
over a teaspoon of enzymes on an empty stomach 2 – 3 times
a day. I have been taking these dosages for around two years
now. I know of some cancer patients who wanted to heal so
badly that they chose to take up to 5 tablespoons of these
systemic enzymes a day on an empty stomach, based on the
recommendation of their holistic practitioners.

I can give you example after example of how people have
expedited the process of their healing with these magical
sparkling catalysts. My friend from college healed herself
from PCOS (Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) by
taking enzymes, drinking vegetable juice, cleansing the
colon, and improving her dietary lifestyle. The process
of healing herself so rapidly seemed to be miraculous,
and I feel that wouldn’t have happened SO QUICKLY
without the use of these systemic enzymes. You can read
about her story by clicking HERE, or watch the video up above.

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Dr. Deva Khalsa Book Signing at DogDaddy Fest 2010

August 2nd, 2010

DogDaddy Fest is very pleased to announce that Bucks County PA’s own Dr. Deva Khalsa will be a guest lecturer and hold a book signing for her latest book, ‘Dr. Khalsa’s Natural Dog’ (Kennel Club Books, 2009), a book best described as a ‘holistic bible’ for dog owners. Dr. Deva will be at DogDaddy Fest on Saturday, October 2, 2010.

Dr. Khalsa’s passion for providing good health and healing to our animal companions has led her to travel the world, to places such as England, India and Brazil, where she worked side by side with each country’s finest veterinarians and homeopaths. It is because of Dr. Khalsa’s willingness and keen ability to embrace the best of each of these
healing ‘worlds’ that she is so often featured as veterinary expert on all forms of radio and television, from National Public Radio, to Martha Stewart’s Veterinary Satellite Radio show, to her many appearances on major television networks.

Dr. Khalsa earned her degree from the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine in 1981. From her earliest years as a veterinarian, Dr. Khalsa trained in homeopathy, along with many other holistic modalities, and soon began developing her own treatment protocols drawing from her rapidly growing knowledge base.

Since beginning her holistically oriented veterinary practice over 25 years ago, Dr. Khalsa has been incorporating homeopathy, acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, nutritional advice, allergy-elimination techniques such as N.A.E.T and also J.M.T. into her approach. Today her work is a blend of sophisticated holistic techniques and traditional veterinary medicine designed to best enhance the natural strengths and attributes of her patient.

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Crystals: Powerful Tools of Transformation for Ushering in the New Age

July 11th, 2010

Have you noticed how time seems to be speeding up? What you did just weeks ago seems like months, and it feels like we’re on a roller coaster, mostly on the way down! There may be a “logical” reason for this, as we approach the culmination phase of what the creators of the Mayan calendar might have called “the end of time”. Over a thousand years ago, they mapped out a calendar, using their knowledge of astronomy and astrology (the two were one and the same in the Western world until not long ago), which describes a time line from the creation of the Universe (Big Bang theory), some 15 billion years ago, to our present time, in the year 2012. The system is fairly straightforward, stating that from the beginning, time has been divided into 13 ages which all culminate in 2012, but in each one the speed of time is 20 times faster than the preceding one, and the length of the age is 20 times shorter that its predecessor.

What does this all mean for us? Since 1999 we have been in the second to the last age, which lasts only 12 years. During this time, the digital era has taken us for an incredible roller coaster ride, with technological advances being made faster than we can keep up with them. In the age preceding this one, which lasts some 250 years or so, the advances were much slower to come about, but still much faster than the age preceding it. Before that, things happened at an even slower rate, and the age lasted about 5100 years. This is all to say,
that we are natural beings in a natural world, responding to the natural unfolding of a time line that was started 15 or 16 billion years ago, and that was mapped out by the Mayan people, possibly to make sure that we, in this crucial time, are aware of this and will act consciously rather than react to a world that seems to have gone crazy.

In more practical terms, this signifies that we, human beings across the Earth, are in the middle of a process of time acceleration, and time, as the fourth dimension, is affecting everything that is happening to us and to the Earth. As we move into the final age, which starts in November of 2010 and lasts until October of 2011, time will accelerate again and things will happen 20 times faster than they are now.
The natural and man-made disasters that we have been witnessing in the past 12 years may become even more intense, and certain beings who want to control the outcome of this time line will trigger traumatic events in order to keep the power that they have been mongering for the past 6000 years. But this does not mean the end of the world,
quite to the contrary. I am not a soothsayer, but I know deep within me that we are at the dawn of a new age, and that the way to usher in this age is to embrace the values it embodies, such as brotherly love, compassion and peace towards all beings, human or not.
The raising of the level of consciousness of the general population is inevitable, and anyone who tries to manipulate the unfolding of the world events to their egotistical advantage, will need to come to terms with their inner self – and if they resist the tsunami of awareness
taking place on the planet at this moment, they will be swept away into the vast ocean of human awakening in spite of their will to control the world.

How can we, as individuals, survive the onslaught of craziness, and step into the fruition of our spiritual awakening?

First, the less we “buy into” the doom and gloom end-of-the-world scenarios that the powers-that-be would like us to believe, the better. Our energy is needed to build healthy, happy societies, not to cower in fear at what “might” happen, according to the “authorities” claiming to have a direct line to a future dictated by the results of a supposed apocalypse.

Second, it is absolutely vital that we each become keenly aware of what it is that we came here to do, and then start doing it, if we haven’t already done so. If you feel you are languishing away in a job
that has no real interest to you other than paying the bills, and your energy is down because of it, by all means, get away from it. We all need to have activities and interests that nourish our creativity and motivate us to move in a positive way, and if what we are doing is taking that away, it is not serving our best interest. As long as you open up to your inner self and learn to trust what it is telling you, you will be guided to the place/job/activity that is best suited for your talents. Easier said than done? Yes and no. The only real thing preventing you from doing this is your own resistance to change. So yes, it’s not always easy to go against your belief system, and if that belief system is serving you well, fine. But if it is making you believe
that the only way to survive in this world is to have a job that you don’t like, and that you’re lucky to have it because you have no real talents, and because the economy is so bad, etc., etc., then it is not serving you.

Third, we need to learn to love ourselves for who we are. No matter what “flaws” we think we have, be they physical or emotional handicaps, a crooked nose or a bad temper, they are part of us, and have served us in some way, even if we can’t seem to figure out how. When we love ourselves for who we are, those parts that we held in contempt for so long are finally recognized, and we become whole again. Then, we are able to see what gifts they brought us, and love them for that.

Crystals, one of Nature’s perfect creations, are amazing tools to use in our quest for self-awareness.They allow the transformation process to be accelerated because of the nature of their particular molecular makeup. Because of their structure, crystals pull low-frequency vibrations into their field and change their frequency through a
process called resonance. This is similar to when a musical note is played in a room full of stringed instruments, and the strings of all the instruments tuned to that frequency start to vibrate. The frequencies of the vibrations that are emitted by the crystal from its point or apex are higher and more balanced than the original vibration, and they cause the other vibrations present to start vibrating at higher frequencies. This is called entrainment.

Crystals can be used in many ways, and most people are familiar with putting them on or around the body, on the chakras or energy centers and in different strategic places around the body. I was taught by a French meta-physicist, 20 some years ago, how to use them to interact with the Human Energy Field in order to promote healing and well-being. I have since modified the techniques I learned and adapted
them to my own process, which involves the use of Medical Intuition to assess the physical and spiritual bodies of the individual. I then use the crystals to balance and energize the chakras, charge the actual organs and physiological systems of the body, align the spiritual bodies, transform “negative” energy into positive, repair energy leaks, etc. This process is akin to psychic surgery in many ways. Just one crystal therapy session can be a serious boost toward re-alignment with
your inner self and the realization of your dreams.

I am available to see clients in my new office in Trolley Square, in a space that I share with several holistic health practitioners, called “Healing Spaces”. If you are interested in having a consciousness-boosting, energy-giving, health-promoting session with me, please give me a call at (302) 507-6548, or email me at Also, you can visit my website at

Sarah Dickinson Murray,
Natural Health Consultant and Medical Intuitive,
founder of Pure Healing Insight, LLC

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Natural Allergy Solutions

June 6th, 2010

Dr. Martin Orimenko, DC, ND, FIACA – Live Well Holistic Health Center

It seems like every other person suffers from allergies in the Spring time in most areas of the country. It can make you absolutely miserable and dramatically lower your quality of life for weeks at a time.
Helping people with allergies has always been a significant part of my practice and I’ve learned a lot over my 20 years in natural medicine.

My basic message to readers is that “the outside reflects the inside.” In other words, you will be susceptible to pollens, cat dander, dust, etc. that are outside your body, to the degree that your insides, namely your mucous membranes, are clogged, full of mucous, or otherwise imbalanced. The mucous membranes are the lining of your
alimentary canal that runs from mouth to anus. The primary problem area is the intestinal lining. This area is a perfect breeding ground for yeast (Candida albicans, a type of fungus). With things like antibiotics,
birth control pills, steroid drugs, tap water and a sugary diet all contributing to their growth, it’s no wonder it is such a prevalent health issue. Yeast overgrowth also directly contributes to chronic sinus infections, chronic colds and bronchitis, indigestion, brain fog, low energy and lethargy, and indirectly to a long list of other conditions.

The solution is balancing your intestinal tract by doing a little cleansing of a very specific nature for a few weeks. Restricting the foods that grow yeast and taking a good antifungal (natural, not Nystatin) can make a world of difference not only for allergies but for all the conditions mentioned above. And the effects are permanent, notwithstanding doing all the things to encourage yeast growth again.
It’s not the only way to help allergies but in my experience the majority of people derive enormous benefit from this type of cleansing.

I would be delighted to help anyone you know who is suffering from allergies. In an initial Holistic Health Visit, I’d use Kinesiologic Analysis to determine the best anitfungal for you, and in addition to giving you a full consultation and treatment to address your allergies, we’d get you set up with a cleansing program (typically 3 weeks, though it differs for everyone) to address your systems and the root of the problem.

There’s no reason to continue to suffer with allergies! Call us at 610.896.1554 and schedule an appointment today to start feeling better in as soon as a week from when you start a cleanse program specialized to your needs.

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Gamelan Meditation with Jay Gullo

May 26th, 2010

Live music with Jay Gullo

Friday, June 11 at 7:00 pm
Please register by contacting us at

$15 a person
(Space is limited so please register early. Thank you!)

Enjoy the profound benefits of this live performance.
Jay Gullo, a meditation teacher for over 30 years, will
have you experiencing inner peace through the
hypnotic sound of the gamelan. Jay’s master of this
truly melodic instrument and his innovative “in the moment” music has a tranquil, healing effect for those who hear it and provides a unique experience for each session.

It’s an honor to have this experienced teacher and mentor at Creative Healing Arts! Jay is also well known for his practice as a medium and clairvoyant.

About Creative Healing Arts
Our location:
1568 McDaniel Drive
West Chester, PA 19380
(in the Westtown Business Center at Routes 3 and 352)

Be sure to visit us on the web:

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Health and Wellness Event in Ardmore PA

May 11th, 2010

Health and Wellness Event
At Eileen Fisher in
Suburban Square ~ Ardmore
May 15, 2010
11:00 – 4:00

Treat yourself to a day of wellness at your favorite shopping stop. Meet and enjoy hearing from health and wellness professionals from the main line. Information, tips and advice at Eileen Fisher.

Schedule of events/guests:

Dr. Martin Orimenko – Dr. Orimenko is the director and one of the founders of Live Well Holistic Health Center in Ardmore. He is also a Chiropractor, Acupuncturist and Naturopath. He will be available from 11:00am to 4:00 to answer any health questions you may have and you can learn more about his practice. Reiki and Massage Therapists from Live Well Holistic Health Center will be available to give short demonstrations in the store through out the day.

Lisa Novack – Lisa is an instructor from First Position Dance Arts studio in Ardmore. She will demonstrate Zumba fitness, a one-of-a-kind fitness program that fuses Latin rhythms with aerobic moves, and will present ten minute work outs every half hour.

Dwayne Wimmer – Dwayne Wimmer is a Personal Trainer and owner of Vertex Fitness in Bryn Mawr. He will give a 15 minute talk and demonstration on the benefits of strength training and will answer questions on how to make strength training fit into your life. Join us for his presentation at 11:30am.

Eileen Fisher
48 St. Georges Road Ardmore, PA 19003
(610) 896-3600

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Gamelan Meditation with Jay Gullo

April 29th, 2010

Gamelan Meditation with Jay Gullo
(live music)

Friday, June 11 at 7:00 pm

Creative Healing Arts
1568 McDaniel Drive
West Chester, PA 19380
(in the Westtown Business Center at Routes 3 and 352)
Please register by contacting us at

$15 a person
(Space is limited so please register early. Thank you!)

Enjoy the profound benefits of this live performance. Jay Gullo, a meditation teacher for over 30 years, will have you experiencing inner peace through the hypnotic sound of the gamelan. Jay’s master of this
truly melodic instrument and his innovative “in the moment” music has a tranquil, healing effect for those who hear it and provides a unique experience for each session.

It’s an honor to have this experienced teacher and
mentor at Creative Healing Arts! Jay is also well
known for his practice as a medium and clairvoyant.

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Spring Drum Circle in West Chester

April 29th, 2010


Spring Drum Circle at Creative Healing Arts

Friday, May 21 at 7:00 led by Jay Gullo


Email or call Jeanie at 610-738-0988 or

It’s time to relax, have fun and be in the
company of those who enjoy a sense of
community and creativity. And, what better
way to do this then to make music!
Jay Gullo, a professional musician, who has
facilitated drum circles for over fifteen years
will lead us in various rhythms throughout the
evening. No experience is necessary

Drum Circles are about participation, not performance.
Those of you who have hand drums, rhythm instruments, etc., please feel free to bring them. There will be drums and percussion instruments available for those who may need them.

Creative Healing Arts
1568 McDaniel Drive
West Chester, PA 19380
(in the Westtown Business Center at Routes 3 and 352)

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Making Sense of Intuitive Eating

April 21st, 2010

By Heather Rudalavage, Registered Dietician

One of the most challenging pieces of the the intuitive eating approach is that people don’t see how it can work. People don’t trust themselves. They believe they won’t be able to stop eating chocolate or cake or pizza. Maybe it’s because the diet message is so pervasive in our society, or maybe we are just narcissistic in nature, but it continues to astonish me how much my clients rely on external sources to know what, when and how much to eat. Odd because hunger is a physiological response similar to breathing or having to pee. When we visit the restroom, we don’t say, “did I pee too much?” When we take a breath, we don’t say, “it’s not time to breathe yet”. But clients ask me all the time, “how much should I eat?” Or, “I am hungry all the time.”

I just finished reading a wonderful book called, “The Only Diet There Is”, among emphasizing that loving yourself and forgiveness, is the best diet there is, she also addresses the impact of guilt and negativity on our weight. Science may have not been able to prove this exactly, yet, but it seems that our body’s react more strongly to how we feel about the food we eat than the actual content of the food. Astonishing! If we think the food we are eating is “fattening” than our body will treat it as thus.

So, I just can not emphasize enough, the answer lies within. If you drop the dieting mentality and the voices in your head that tell you that a particular food is bad, you will be able to tune in and when you tune in, your body will tell you what, when and where to eat. Sometimes your body may say, chocolate and sometimes it may say a tuna melt, but whatever your body says, listen, because it is the right choice for you at that moment.

Here is the link to a nice article about guilt and intuitive eating : article

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Organic Gardening Workshop in Chester County PA

April 13th, 2010

C3A (Coatesville Area Arts Alliance) and Brandywine Hospital’s Healthy Woman Program present:

Let’s Get Dirty!
The Basics of Organic Gardening for Spring
Saturday, May 15th – 10am to Noon
at eARTh, 120 Reservoir Rd., Wagontown, Western Chester Co., PA 19376

Had enough winter? Time to think Spring, Gardening, and Dirt!
Learn in an inspiring, beautiful environment with 3rd generation gardener Deborah Kates,
who will share a lifetime of experience to help you Grow your own food– So you can dig on fresh taste and nutrition ~ saving money ~ exercise ~ feeding your soul

Selecting Seeds ♦ Choosing a Site ♦ Transplanting ♦ Raised Beds ♦ Building the Soil & more!

Deborah will be joined by Brandywine Hospital GI physician Dr. Eva Sum, who will explain the benefits of high fiber diets and organically grown food

Brandywine Hospital’s Healthy Woman Program offers interactive, fun and free monthly programs for all women that cover a variety of health & wellness issues. Let’s Get Dirty attendees are required to join just by filling out a membership form at no cost to you.

You must RSVP to attend. Please call 610-383-9000

Arrange a private gardening workshop for your group that combines gardening, learning and fun, and You choose the date and time, at your place or mine. Contact Deborah at 610-384-2535.

C3A ~ where Art means Business ~

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