Take It All Away .MP3 and Music Video

February 14th, 2010

Eric Visnov, Anthony Zinno, Joe Mancini, Sean, Ben and Ed in the Birdland Recording Studio, Montgomery County, Lansdale, PA doing the scratch tracks with wynRise. Take It All Away by Eric Visnov. Filmed by KingArthur.com. Visit FameDomain.com for wynRise info.

Take It All Away [.MP3 / Birdland Live Quasi-No-Mix]

Take It All Away [video / .mov / QuickTime

Welcome To Birdland Music And Recording

February 14th, 2010

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Anthony Zinno and Joe Mancini getting ready to go into Birdland recording studio in Lansdale, PA.

The band getting ready to go into Birdland recording studios [video .mov / QuickTime]

Reverb Of The Room .MP3

February 11th, 2010

One of the more amazing events in this life was playing Reverb Of The Room at Steel City. After all, that’s part of why the song was written in the first place. Then, to play the song there and get that amount of energy… it’s what being a singer / songwriter is all about.

Though we did not record the Steel City performance, it’s vibe lives on. That’s how this recording came to be.

Reverb Of The Room [.MP3 / After Playing It Live Version]
by Eric Visnov
Produced by The End

LYRICS: Reverb of the Room

Downstairs in a basement, working late again
Expecting what you’re gonna do, is oh so different
Well, I believe you catch the drift and, it ain’t so hard to do
When you’re high and thinkin’, in the reverb of the room
Well, I see a sea of faces, and tell me how you feel
Well, call it wrong or call it right, or call it what you will


Well, I came across this coffee shop, down on Bridge and Main
And, there’s a girl who’s drinking there who thinks that we’re all crazed
Well, I believe in symmetry and, it and so hard to do
Just connect the dots in which you walk, in the reverb of the room

Lots of luck with scrambled thoughts in the reverb of the room

Oh, Well .MP3

February 10th, 2010

Oh, Well .MP3 [Swell Mix]

There’s more to the story… weigh more… stay tuned?
The End

The End Update

February 9th, 2010

The End has released an updated version of Palace At Farnese. “After the Steel City show, the song got stuck in our heads,” said Daniel Brouse producer of The End.

This version is a live stereo recording with keyboards, guitar and vocals. Eric Visnov created vocal harmonies with himself using a Roland BR-600.

Palace At Farnese Post Steel City .MP3 [free download

Eric Visnov With His Guitar

Eric Visnov Photo by Lex Palombit


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