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    • Goldman is Everywhere
      Seems like Goldman Sachs is too big to ignore any thieving. Their motto went from “Any scam,anywhere, anytime” to “Every scam, everywhere, every time.” They are involved in every financial crisis, and they profit from all of them. From participation in only the largest robberies to control of the whole system. In this latest, Greece [...] […]
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    • The End Update
      The End has released an updated version of Palace At Farnese. “After the Steel City show, the song got stuck in our heads,” said Daniel Brouse producer of The End. This version is a live stereo recording with keyboards, guitar and vocals. Eric Visnov created vocal harmonies with himself using a Roland [...] […]
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    • Doing Business In Bucks County, PA
      Warrington, PA — Doing business in the Delaware Valley presents unique opportunities and challenges. Having an expert on your side will help you make it through any type of economic climate. Over the years, Jim Berry of The Berry Group has helped many people and businesses in a variety of ways. Jim is a tax [...] […]
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    • Landmark Climate Change Report
      United Nations — The great weight of science still supports the findings in a landmark 2007 report from a United Nations-backed panel of experts that global warming is man-made, the head of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) said today following recent attacks from climate change sceptics over a mistake in the assessment. Defending the Intergovernmental Pan […]
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    • AntiCancer – A Way of Life
      From Submitted by Michael Nystrom on Fri, 02/05/2010 – 10:30 in Daily Paul Liberty Forum This is for all of us – whether you are suffering from cancer, know someone who is, or don’t have it. All of us have cancer cells in our bodies, but not all of us develop cancer. This is an interview with [...] No related posts. […]
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    • Get The Led Out Soldout
      The Led Zeppelin coverband, Get The Led Out (GTLO), will be performing back to back sold out shows this coming weekend at the Sellersville Theater, Montgomery County, PA. The band says, “Some new things in store for the listeners!” GTLO is known as “The American Led Zeppelin”. Members: Paul Sinclair, Paul Hammond, Jimmy Marchiano, and [...] […]
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    • One Of These Days, To The Moon?
      LYRICS For: It makes more sense to me to go to the moon Should we bomb Afghanistan? It makes more sense to me to go to the moon Should we bomb Iraq? It makes more sense to me to go to the moon Should we bomb Vietnam Again, and, again…? It makes more sense to me to go to the moon Should we [...] […]
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    • Phishing Scam: “some jerk has posted your pictures”
      There is a massive email phishing scam that comes with a variety of subject lines, such as, fw and re. The body of the email usually looks like this: Hey, some jerk has posted your pictures (u understand what kind of pictures are there) and sent a link of them to all ur friends. I [...] […]
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    • Internet Advertising Laws
      U.S. Government — Good marketing is critical to the success of your business. Marketing has many dimensions, including market research, pricing, advertising, packaging and labeling, distribution and customer service. Investing in a good marketing plan will generate excellent returns. But there’s more to a winning marketing plan or advertising campaign than a […]

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